Our services

Arborist Tree Removal & Consulting Services
All our arborist tree work is performed by qualified and experienced professionals and is carried out in compliance with Local Government Tree Preservation Regulations, Standards of Practice Amenity Tree Industry, Australian Standard AS4373 and ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assurance Standard.  Our level 5 certified arborist also enables us to provide reports and consultations in addition to pruning / thinning / deadwooding, total tree removals, chipping, leaf mulching, stump removals & emergency work.

Bin Management & Rubbish Removal
Bins cleaned, disinfected and sterilised. Bin areas cleaned and sanitised. Bins out for collection, returned to bays after empty.  Rubbish removal as required.
CCTV Installation & Repairs
Alarm systems, Intercoms, Access control, CCTV, Data, Monitoring services for residential and commercial properties.   
Commercial & Strata cleaning
All aspects of commercial and strata cleaning. One off or regular scheduled cleaning at daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly intervals. Cleaning of common areas including dusting, vacuuming, removal of cob webs, hard floor mopping, clean doors, windows, lights & intercoms. Light bulb replacement, sort post and recycle junk mail, wheelie bin cleaning and disinfecting. Cleaning and sanitising of toilets and restrooms, replenishment of consumables, fire stairs, car parks and basements etc.
Construction/Building ‘Final’ Cleans.
All aspects of new buildings cleaned. Extreme care taken with glass, metal surfaces and floor coverings. We avoid the use of hard abrasive scourers, bleach, acid or alkaline chemicals in our cleaning process.  All of our employees working on any building site have completed induction training to construction cleaning prior to arriving on site and will be in possession of a White Card confirming participation and completion of the ‘Work Safely in the Construction Industry’ education by a nationally recognised training organisation.  Site specific risk assessments and method statements are conducted prior to the commencement of any work and employees are provided with appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Ecological Weed Removal and Control

Weeds aren't just an "ugly" problem. Many
  • harbour unwanted pests and diseases
  • cause pet/livestock and human health issues
  • damage structures such as fences, foundations, footpaths and paved areas
  • stop wanted plants from growing and reproducing
  • change soil structure - nutrients, hydrology, fertility
  • spread into natural bushland, waterways and farming areas
  • become chemical resistant if not treated properly
Leveraging 25 years of gardening experience and knowledge in weed/plant lifecycle biology, weed suppressing techniques, integrated pest and weed management techniques and knowledge of chemical and natural herbicides, Arista is able to remove unwanted weeds, reduce regrowth and minimise ongoing property maintenance in a cost effective, safe and environmentally friendly way.  
For a list of environmental and noxious weeds visit www.sutherlandshire.nsw.gov.au/Environment/Weeds
All aspects of electrical work from minor electrical installations, repairs and maintenance to larger and more complex contracting works for residential, commercial and industrial sites. We only use premium products and offer a warranty on all installations.
All aspects of gardening including edging, hedging, trimming, mowing, planting, mulching, fertilising and minor landscaping projects provided on a one off or daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly interval.
General Repairs   
Usually categorised as ‘handyman jobs’ Arista caters for all those smaller jobs that many trades will simply ignore but which have a very high impact on the client satisfaction when attended to promptly and professionally.
Graffiti Removal
If you have been targeted by vandalism we can usually provide a same day service for the removal of the graffiti. We can remove graffiti quickly and safely and can remove mould and prevent it from returning for up to 12 months. The products that we use for the removal of graffiti are designed to treat all types of surfaces and types of graffiti tagging. These removers have incorporated an exclusive formulation known as Surface Active Technology (S.A.T.) Surface Active Technology is a breakthrough technology formulated to remove deep stains from most substrates that have previously thought to have been permanent, without the need to use aggressive chemical bases such as caustic soda or flammable solvents. Our chemicals are environmentally sustainable and bio–degradable, therefore can go into storm water systems having no effect on our environment. We can safely remove mould without the need for high pressure.
Minor Building projects    
Retaining walls, plastering, brickwork and small building projects can be undertaken by our licensed builder.
Internal and external painting using only paint materials of the very highest quality. We pay particular attention to surface preparation and the protection of furniture, carpets, flooring, driveways etc.
Our extensive plumbing capability includes;
  • Preventative maintenance programs --- Hot water servicing (all types and sizes ) Stormwater pit cleaning , all pump servicing, gutter cleaning (even high buildings).
  • Burst pipes
  • Hot water install and repair of all makes and models including commercial, solar, gas and electric
  • Blocked drains and drainage surveys with cctv
  • Drainage replacement and installation
  • Water seepage solutions
  • Diagnostics for all water leaks in any building
  • Pipe and cable location
  • Nitrogen pressure testing
  • Gas fitting
  • Roofing repairs to all types and heights of roofs
  • Metal roofing and guttering installations
  • Replacement of sky lights and roof ventilation
  • All renovation work including bathrooms, kitchens laundries, etc
  • Tight access excavation
Pressure Cleaning  
Mould and dirt removal on driveways, car parks, roofs, gutters, eaves, paving, pathways and tiled areas. Environmentally friendly approach.
Smoke Detector Testing
At the commencement of any new tenancy agreement  Arista will check the appropriate quantity of smoke detectors are installed and located in accordance with the Environmental Planning and Assessment Amendment (Smoke Alarms) Regulation 2006, Vacuum clean existing smoke detectors to remove dust, install new long-lasting alkaline batteries & test. Where detectors are found to be faulty or more than ten years old, we will install a new  9v Photoelectric Smoke detector.
Window Cleaning
We can reach up to 6 storey’s high from the ground and also clean window sills, frames, fly screens and gutters. Fully insured and 'Work Safely at Heights' certified.