Arista Occupational Health & Safety

We will: 
  • Have a systematic approach to OH&S management.
  • Identify OH&S hazards, assess the associated risk and then eliminate or control the risk in the workplace as part of a total risk management process so that incidents do not eventuate; 
  • Educate, train and motivate employees to conduct their activities with proper concern for themselves and others; 
  • Ensure that there is effective and meaningful involvement and open communication on all OH&S matters at all levels in the organisation, including with subcontractors; 
  • Require that all employees, subcontractors and visitors abide by all policies and rules that have been formulated in the interest of OH&S; 
  • Hold all employees accountable for OH&S performance in their area so that they carry out their duties in accordance with the law, accepted guidelines and company requirements; 
  • Respond effectively to emergencies and thoroughly investigate any incident to prevent recurrence; 
No job is so important that we cannot take time to perform our work safely. 
Every employee and subcontractor is required to play their part with respect to OH&S by following company procedures, reporting hazards, working safely, not putting others at risk, and cooperating with management to improve OH&S performance. 
I commit Arista to this policy and task all employees with the responsibility of achieving our goal. 
Glenn Santler
Director, Arista Property Services Pty Ltd.