Quality Assurance

Arista is committed to providing quality services to exceed our client’s expectations.
A number of key practices are instrumental to our ability to provide consistently high quality services, these include
  • Maintaining open and regular communication of our quality objectives with our clients and employees.
  • Recognising that sustainability requires continual improvement of our quality management system
  • Developing internal processes and capabilities to meet and exceed clients’ requirements and ensuring employees are aware and understand these requirements.
  • Ensuring that each and every employees behaves in a way that upholds our company’s values.
  • Developing and training our staff and providing opportunity for them to contribute toward the ongoing development of our quality management system..
  • Regularly reviewing our policies to ensure they remain relevant to the tasks and operations we are performing.
Complaints management process
In the event of any issues arising or complaints, Arista will;
  1. Organise for a same day site visit to inspect the problem,
  2. Provide an explanation of how the problem will be resolved,
  3. Instigate a change process to avoid this problem in the future.  
Environment – Arista maintains an environmentally friendly approach to cleaning  and uses green products where appropriate